17 November 1980                                                Harriet Fast Scott

                              The Scott Family in America
               John Scottl emigrated to this country in 1666, bringing with him his wife, Elizabeth, and his two children, John2 and Elizabeth. Johnl is thought to be the father of:

              John Scott2 patented land in Charles County, Maryland in 1713, called "Indian Quarter", l00A.

              John Scott, Sr.2, "Cooper" by trade died in 1724. His will named his wife, Catherine and mentioned his two sons, John3 and William, between whom "Indian Quarter" was to be divided.

              John Scott3 died in 1741. He named his wife, Elizabeth, and his eight children: John, Katherine, Zephaniah, Justinian, Elizabeth, Mary, William4, Thomas, and Zachariah.

             William Scott4 was born in Charles County, Maryland in 1727 and died in 1786. He married Christian Cooksey3 who was born in 1728 and died in 1792. She was the daughter of Justinian Cooksey2 and Sarah Reed. Justinian Cooksey2 was the son of Samuel Cookseyl and Christian Tennyson2, who was the daughter of Johnl and Elizabeth Tennyson.

             William Scott4 died in 1786 leaving eight children and his wife, Christian. His children were: Eleanor, Elizabeth, James, Thomas5, Gustavus, Samuel, Sarah, and William.

             Thomas Scott5 was born in 1761 and died in Kentucky in 1816. He married in 1782 in Charles County, Maryland, Alice Glover4, the daughter of Philip Glover3 and Charity Philpott4. Alice Glover4 was born in 1766 in Charles County, Maryland and died in Meade County, Kentucky, in 1853.

            Philip Glover3 was the son of Richard Glover2 and Mary ____. Richard2 was the son of Thomas Glover. Charity Philpott4 was the daughter of John Philpott3 and Ann____(?). John Philpott3 was the son of Edward Philpott2 (died 1718) and Susannah Posey3. Edward2 was the son of Edward Philpott,1 the immigrant, who was born in 1597. Susannah Posey3 was the daughter of John Posey2 and Susannah __ .  John was the son of Francis Posey1 and Elizabeth ___.

          Thomas Scott5 and his wife Alice (Glover)4 migrated to North Carolina before settling in Hardin County, Kentucky had three sons and four daughters:
         1 William Scott6 md 1814 Catherme Ament. He md 2nd Rachel Ament
         2 Thomas Scott md 1816 Nancy Brashears
         3 Samuel Scott md 1818 Polly Ament.   He md 2nd Susan H. Reynolds
         4 Joanna Scott md Abraham Slaughter
         5 Charity Scott md Joseph Simmons, 2nd John Newman
         6 Elizabeth Scott md Samuel Simmons, 2nd John Welch
         7 Alice Scott md Enos Simmons

         William Scott6 had two sons: Henry W.7 and William S.
         Henry W. Scott7 was born in 1815 and died in 1883. He married Eleanor Purcell.
         Henry W. Scott7 had Charles Lee Scott8 who married Louisa Adelissa Hardaway.
        Charles Lee Scott8 and Adelissa (Hardaway) had:
        Walter Lee Scott9 married Ruth Fontaine and had:
        Walter Charles Scottl0 who married Ellen Delean Brown. The oldest of their three children is:
        Jesse Brown Scott11 who married Frances Byars Scott. The youngest of their three children is:
        Alan Richard Scott12, the twelfth generation from the Immigrant, John Scott.

Charles County Maryland was a Protestant county of the Maryland colony. The area was settled by Scottish and English settlers in the second half of the 17th century. There were several Presbyterian groups in the early days although in the 1700s, they appear to have merged to Church of England groups. It has been impossible to trace where John Scott, the immigrant, came from, but it is believed it was from Scotland.